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Emily Flosi

(she, her)
About Me

About Me

I'm 21 years old and currently based out of Orange County, but I didn't start out that way. I actually grew up in a very small town in the Bay Area called Hollister. Now, I know when most people think of the Bay Area they usually think of really cool places like San Francisco or even San Jose or Monterey, well I'm here to tell you that's absolutely not where I came from. San Francisco has the ocean and a really diverse culture, Hollister had a bunch of farms..and an annual biker rally. So for 18 years I lived in the same house on the same street in the same tiny snow globe of a town where the popular teen hangout was loitering around Target and literally everything was at least half an hour away, knowing I wanted to be anywhere else. That's where I found my love for traveling. From little things like camping or day trips to the city to bigger trips to the Caribbean or Italy, these trips have always given me a break from reality and helped me clear my head in a way nothing else can. 

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

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coming soon

This will be updated with upcoming projects. 

Thank you for your patience!


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